HOCK – Style in motion was founded by creative master- mind Kristof Hock in June 2009. Before setting up his own company, Kristof was a product developer and also worked as an acclaimed concept developer at various international agencies, where he created numerous advertising campaigns. A true perfectionist with a passion for sophisti-cated and minimalist design, he came up with the idea of developing and manufacturing extraordinary fitness and exercise products in Germany in mid-2008. Within just a year of their launch, HOCK products had won the ISPO BRANDNEW Award in 2010. They were also nominated for the German Design Council design award in 2011.

Since HOCK began, the company has increased revenues more than fourfold, and is continuously expanding both in and outside Germany.


Designing an attractive product is much harder than it looks: you need to use the right materials, and get the perfect balance of form and function, to inspire emotion within people and captivate their interest.

Our passion for the finest natural materials is the cornerstone of our brand philosophy, and makes us stand out in a world full of synthetic and artificial products.

We exclusively use the best raw materials to make our products, and source all materials locally wherever possible. Our commitment to environmentally friendly, chemical-free processes, combined with our desire to produce in the local region, is what makes us so unique compared to other fitness product manufacturers.


Kristof HockOur products are the epitome of perfection, timelessness and elegance, and effortlessly combine form and function. Their overall design is clean, minimal and highly functional.

We work alongside award-winning designers and highly skilled engineers to design and develop our products in a time-intensive process. We only build a prototype when we’re sure that every angle, curve and proportion is absolutely spot on. Thanks to their unique design, HOCK products are instantly recognizable. All of our products are compatible, right across the different ranges.


Nothing but the best: HOCK uses only certified, sustainably grown wood, which is mechanically processed and then treated with natural vegetable oils.

We exclusively use grade 303 stainless steel as its composition is 100% pure and non-reactive, and it refracts the light beautifully.

We use special anodized aluminium alloy that is extremely robust and yet ultra-lightweight, and leather that is either vegetable-tanned or antibacterial-coated.


Our products are extremely durable and sustainable. They are of much higher quality than the average fitness product, largely as a result of sophisticated 3D modelling and a lengthy and cost-intensive prototype phase.

Manufacturing is carried out in Germany in accordance with the highest precision-mechanical-engineering standards. Finished products are then subject to a stringent piece-by-piece quality-control process.


ISPO Brandnew - WinnerDesign Preis Deutschland 2011 - NomineeIn 2010, HOCK received the ISPO BRANDNEW Award from ISPO Munich, the leading international sports business trade show. As an award-winner, we were given a stand at the 2010 ISPO trade fair.

In 2011, our brand was nominated for the most coveted of all design prizes, the German Design Council design award. Our nominated products were showcased to the public at the Ambiente 2011 trade show in Frankfurt.


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